Become a Foster

A dog has one aim in life… to bestow his heart.
                            – J. R. Ackerley

Fostering Border Collies is at the very heart of what we do at Border Collie Save & Rescue.  Every foster we have means another Border Collie we can take in to save and rescue.

Opening your home and your heart to a dog in need is both a rewarding and painful experience.   We believe the pain of losing a Border Collie for whom you have cared and loved is worth it for the joy you experience in helping a Border Collie begin its journey into a new life in a  new furever home.

 That is why we we are here.

Types of Fosters

General foster for the typical Border Collie which runs from the time it first comes into our care until adoption.

We understand every household is different and may only be able to accommodate certain dogs.  We work with each foster to make sure we only place dogs which are a good fit in each home.  

Sometimes we need to pull a dog from a shelter or take in an owner surrender under a very rapid time table.  Our short term fosters allow us to take accommodate the the accelerated timetable while we work to place to the with one of our longer term fosters.

Related is our overnight fosters.  Occasionally we pool a group of dogs in one regional area for events or we need to hold a dog overnight while waiting on a transfer.  Overnight fosters help us facilitate these events an transports.

Puppies, especially newborns and those who are still weaning, have several special requirements which much be met. 

Puppy fosters handle our young pups and expecting females.

Like people, Border Collies come in many different energy level and personality types.  We try to place those who are the most geared toward working & sporting to our fosters who are setup and have the time to work with them.

Probably the hardest type of fostering is the one which is until the end of life.  Sometime we take in dogs who are either terminal, or due to age and medical conditions are otherwise not adoptable.

Our hospice fosters take in these dogs to ensure that they are comfortable and their final days are filled care and love.

 Our foster typically house our border collies until adoption. It is the foster’s responsibility to provide food, water, transportation, and shelter to the foster dog. Border Collie Save & Rescue will provide flea & heartworm preventative and pay for veterinary care. 

Our fosters are welcome to choose whichever type or types of fostering that they are comfortable with and may change at any time. 

This is only a partial list of the varies types of fostering we are looking for.  We also offer further customization during the application process and will work with each foster to accommodate them in whatever way we can.


Only with your help can we do more. Please join us.